Of FYP Show


Check out our FYP animation trailers on the ADM Grad Show Website

It will be a proud moment for all of us in the graduating batch of 2010, a defining moment which speaks of our sweat and tears of the past four years. Finally, after all these years of toiling, we will be able to have something big to show to the world of our talents. We are a large community in our cohort of ADMers, and we will sing out loud and proud that we are animators.

After the first screening which we had in June 2010, there was a writeup on AnimationXpress which made a lot of us very proud of what we have done. It was mayhem, but nothing can really explain the joy of seeing your work on the big screen. One step at a time, our names will be written in bigger films. With the talent of our batch, I do not think that it is a very difficult ambition.

To the batch of animators ’06, you guys are awesome. I do hope to work with you all again someday 🙂

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