Of Holiday animations

Merry Christmas!

This is a really nice piece of animation from Corrie Francis. A Sand animation, a type of stop motion. Hope you will enjoy it!

Of Glen Keane’s Tips

Glen Keane talks Tangled

This is a great article, from an animation great regarding the latest Disney film, Tangled, which I personally enjoyed.

The one thing I take away as a tip from this is “What is the character thinking?” This is something that makes the character alive as their thoughts will be shown in their actions.

Of R8s in ADM

A lighting and rendering exercise, where we were to place a car inside a building. The building chosen is my school (School of Art, Design and Media)

Model of the R8 was downloaded from somewhere. I can’t remember. Oops. It’s a freeware.

Joan Final image

Of this new place.

Hello everyone.

This will be my new portfolio page, as of today.

I still have nothing at the moment, but be patient, it will be up soon. Thanks 🙂